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Thursday, 19 April 2018 00:00

Belize City Administrator, Candice Miller is suing the Belize City’s Mayor Bernard Wagner. Miller was put on suspension with pay from April 5th of this year and remains on suspension. She received a letter in which she was placed on suspension for “authorizing of payment for expenses incurred by an employee while not engaged in the business of the Council.” The Mayor referred to the Belize City Council Standing Rule and Orders number 32. In that rule it states that the “Mayor may at any time suspend from office any officer who in his opinion is guilty of misconduct or neglect and may temporarily appoint another person in his place. The Mayor shall report the matter at the next meeting of the Council.”

Miller has now sought legal advice and in a letter dated April 12, 2018, attorney for Miller, Magali Perdomo writes Bernard Wagner stating that, “A precondition to the power of suspension granted in the said Rule is that you must make a finding that Ms. Miller was guilty of “misconduct” or “neglect”. Perdomo notes that “our client was never provided with details and/or evidence upon which you based your decision. She continues, “our client was never given an opportunity to provide her version of events regarding the allegations, and ultimately, the finding which you made against her.” Perdomo cites that Miller was denied her right to natural justice and basic fairness and that the suspension was procedurally improper.

But more than the administrator being unfairly suspended Perdomo also contends that, “We are also advised by our client that you have taken steps to prevent her from complying with her legal duties and obligations as City Administrator.” In her letter Perdomo concludes that Miller should be taken off suspension and allowed to “fully satisfy her legal duties and functions as City Administrator of the Council.”

A deadline of Monday April 16th was given for Wagner to reply to the letter and best information is that no such reply was forthcoming and now Miller will proceed with legal action.