Corozal Mayor can’t even get speed bumps and signs right Print E-mail
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Thursday, 19 April 2018 00:00

There is uproar on Facebook against newly elected mayor of Corozal town Rigo Vellos after he has gone speed-bump happy in the municipality. It seems that the mayor has decided to put speed bumps all across the town without having reason to do so. While that may be one thing, another is that residents are complaining that as he puts them in he removes them and puts them back in again. One such example is in Altamira where on one stretch of road the mayor has put no less than 6 speed bumps.

What’s more is that he is also placing signs to warn people that there is an upcoming bump- that’s a good thing, but, even that he cannot get right. He is placing the signs in such a manner that oncoming drivers cannot read the signs. He is placing them facing the wrong side of the road.

Muscle head is not an appropriate description for this guy, he is just plain slow.