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Thursday, 19 April 2018 00:00

Hit the road Jack and don’t come back

No more no more no more no more

Hit the road Jack and don’t come back

No more

Ray Charles

Readers may recall that just about a month ago, the PUP were singing the song “Who’s Your Daddy?“ One man who was being called someone’s daddy was Gilroy Usher Sr. He was being called Anthony “Boots” Martinez’s daddy. Apparently he was being bestowed the title because the PUP was so grateful to him for delivering Port Loyola to the PUP in the recently held Belize City Council Election. Well like everything else, Accolades and PRAISES don’t mean a thing, and they don’t last long. The tune has now changed to “Hit The Road Jack.” Usher who has been the face of the PUP in Port Loyola since 2008, after Oscar Rosado walked away from the PUP, after he was defeated by Boots Martinez. Gilroy Usher stood as the PUP’s candidate in Port Loyola twice and lost to Boots, but that did not discourage him from working for his party and spending his own money to finance his party’s campaign in Port Loyola.

Gilroy Usher once emotionally implored his supporters to get under the tent. He did that on live television. However, his party is now telling him to get from under the PUP tent and make way for the Newcomer Dr Candice Pitts. We don’t know why this is being done, but we’ve been told that it is Cordel, who is the hand behind this latest PUP Backstabbing. Pitts we understand is a SPECIAL FRIEND to Cordel. We all know how much Cordel likes to take care of his Special Friends. Remember the five year old scholarship recipient who was the child of a Special Friend. With Cordel Special Friends come first. Usher cannot even get to his Leader Johnny for help, because Johnny is a man who extends the taking care of Special Friends to a much greater level. He even takes care of Jaime’s Special Friends. Just ask Josue about that. The PUP is about family, family connections, special friends and special interests. If you don’t fall in one of those brackets you will be used until your term of usefulness has come to an end, then you will be thrown out like common garbage.

Usher though, is not just taking it lying down. He has vowed to fight to the bitter end. He has been on the ground campaigning harder than we have ever seen him campaign for any of the GENERAL ELECTIONS that he contested. On Monday Darrel, one of his sons called the PUP’s Vibes Radio Station to protest the wrong, he saw being done to his father. His son mentioned the name Pitts and Co-host Vaughan Gill confirmed that it was Candice Pitts who was working in the area in an effort to contest Port Loyola as the PUP’S Candidate. Darrel also mentioned on social media that based on a comment he saw from Johnny on Pitts’ social media page, he is of the conclusion that Johnny has taken Pitts’ side.  The Pitts camp is on the ground doing house to house campaigning just like the Usher Camp. Here at this newspaper and by extension the UDP we are not fighting Usher’s battle for him. He has the support of his children who have been waging a social media and mainstream media war for him. We must say that the PUPs are taking chance of GILLY USHER. We hope that the pressure does not get too hard for him to handle, and even if it does, we pray that there are no PINT BOTTLES around when it happens.