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Thursday, 19 April 2018 00:00

Municipal Elections are over but in some constituencies the war has just began for the PUP. Some of the elected municipal officers are taking their win as a summons to Central Government. They are flexing their tender political muscles and gunning for positions which are already occupied. Port Loyola, for example is seeing political neophyte Candice Pitts going after seasoned politician Gilroy Usher who has represented and held fort for the PUP in that constituency since 2008.

Another area which will be contested is the Orange Walk East constituency. In 2013 when the disgraced PUP area representative Marco Tulio Mendez was put to political pasture, a young “hotrod” came into the scene. Young and full of energy Josue Carballo entered the fray with a vengeance and a hunger to win which saw him campaign hard in the area. Of course all his antics were quite pointless when elections were called and the Son of The East, Elodio Aragon put a trouncing on him he will never forget.

Fast forward to 2018, almost two months after municipal elections and what the people of Orange Walk East are seeing are moves on the PUP Checkers board to “huff” Josue Carballo. And who has been selected to do this?  The Orange Walk Mayor, Kevin Bernard has been appointed by his handler, employer and lord knows what else…Johnny Briceño, to replace Carballo who becomes the immolated lamb on the Orange Walk East sacrificial alter.

What is worse is that Johnny has dug up the old bones and ghosts of the PUP and brought them in as a representation of his party’s rebirth – the “New PUP”. The saying that politics makes strange bed fellows is quite applicable in this case. Johnny Briceño has revived Dave Burgos and Marco Tulio and has them supporting the Mayor in his bid to represent Orange Walk East. Both aforementioned fellows have been nothing but bad news for the East. In the case of Dave Burgos, Johnny encouraged and supported Joshua’s bid for standard bearer and effectively put Dave to pasture. He helped Joshua in every way including financially at that time and now he is issuing Joshua his walking papers with the help of the same man he helped to defeat back in January of 2015.

It is now yet to be seen what Josue will do as he finds himself between a rock and another rock. He cannot make any moves on his own and is probably only clinging to his Orange Walk East claim only to save face. He is but another Johnny Briceño disposable pawn, employed, bought and paid for by Johnny. Johnny is now backing his new favorite puppet who he believes will save him in the North by representing Orange Walk East. False hopes is all that Johnny has and if only he would take a little time out to look behind him, he would be able to see all the daggers drawn and edging ever closer to the kill zone