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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 19 April 2018 00:00

It is very unfortunate that the activities of the People’s United Party and of some sections of the media (PUP leaning) continue to disrespect and disadvantage us, the citizens of the Jewel. The definition of the noun politics is simple to understand: the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power. Additionally, it is undoubted that there is a non-physical territorial conflict between Guatemala (the aggressor) and Belize (owner of the Jewel). All activities must therefore be examined very carefully under the microscope! The activities of the PUP and of some sections of the media have been and continue to be damaging to Belize.

In the NEWS 5 report dated Apr 16, 2018 John Briceño, Leader of the Opposition said many imprecise and inaccurate things, I want to examine four of them further: 1). “…it is very clear that half of that river belongs to Belize.” 2). “For over a year and a half we have been clamoring that there must be a protocol for the Sarstoon River.” Bianchi made it very clear that ‘The treaty of 1859 bears incontestably upon the questions of sovereignty, right and ownership.’ Article VI reads: It is further agreed that the channels in the water-line of boundary described in Article I of the present Convention, shall be equally free and open to the vessels and boats of both Parties; and that any islands which may be found therein shall belong to that party on whose side of the main navigable channel they are situated. 3). “…virtually next month.”  The meaning of virtually is nearly; almost. The adverb is used out of place. 4). “We have made it abundantly clear that the People’s United Party will support a referendum only after we have had a re-registration exercise.” Every Belizean knows that the re-registration exercise starts this July!  I have heard no reasonable alternative to resolution at the ICJ... Not from KREM, PUP, BPP, TPP, Wil, Sandra, Aikman… I continue to wait!

NEWS 5, Apr 16, 2018; Marleni Cuellar, Reporting: “…this path to the ICJ started almost ten years ago.” No, it started 17 August 1937! That is a very long and painful eighty years ago…

Love News, April 17, 2018 “Misinformation or Misinterpretation?” We are obligated to wipe out the misinformation on our side of the border! Belize’s media does NOT inform Belizeans well...

If our media was doing its job properly, the Belizean voters would be reminded that British Honduras was only ever British territory. They settled it in 1638 and defended it effectively, such that neither Spain nor Guatemala ever occupied or administered this territory. In 1832 a full ten years after gaining her independence, Guatemala submitted a protest against the settlers in the Bay of Honduras. In 1853 Guatemala offered to settle the boundary by a secret treaty with the United Kingdom; but it was actually in 1859 that a firm Boundary Treaty was concluded! There was much thought and work put in – it is solid, “ironclad” according to Musa.

17 August 1937 Guatemala made a suggestion to Great Britain that the Belize matter be arbitrated. Her Majesty’s Government agreed – recommending the Hague Court.  It took the Guatemalans a long eighty (80) years to agree to have their claim examined by the International Court of Justice.  In those 80 years we have been continuously harassed and tens of thousands have migrated from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras…and settled illegally in Belize. The Guatemalan President said that we do not have a border, wrongfully ignoring the very valid Treaty (1859) and Exchange of Notes (1931). That is part of the reason that so many of them come over… Our population is tiny; if they continue to come in unchecked, their numbers will soon be much larger than ours.  BELIZE WILL SOON LOSE THE JEWEL IF WE DO NOT STOP THEM. The British was very smart in 1859 & 1937. I know of NOTHING better that an ICJ ruling in our favor. Bianchi concluded: “Guatemala has a legally desperate case.” To roots Belizeans this means that there is NO legal basis for the claim. I fully expect the ICJ to totally reject Guatemala’s unfounded claim; I expect them to throw out that unjust, power driven wrong thinking and wrong doing. If the media in Belize was doing its job well, they would be exposing you to the works of William J. Bianchi, L. M. Bloomfield, Manley O. Hudson… since they have failed us, please start to read for yourselves! You will enjoy the learning and be most proud of Belize!