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Thursday, 26 April 2018 00:00

Another plane has been illegally landed in northern Belize, this time, it was on the San Estevan/Progresso Road. Again, there is suspicion that it was used to transport some sort of drug cargo, but there is no proof of that.

Aviation experts say that this is a British Aerospace 125, which is a twin-jet midsize business class aircraft. It has the ability to travel longer distances than the 6 other planes which have been discovered to have been illegally landed in Belize in the past 6 months. It also has the ability to carry a bigger cargo than those others, and in this instance, there were no seats found in the aircraft. That suggests that they were removed to increase the cargo capacity. There are scorches under the wings which suggest that whoever landed it in Belize and abandoned it was attempting to burn it. These types of planes fetch very high prices of up to almost 1.5 million US dollars, and the fact that it was abandoned, and that attempts were made to destroy it suggest that whatever cargo was onboard was many times more valuable.

Residents in the nearby communities in the Orange Walk District tell the press that at around 3 a.m. or so on Tuesday, April 24, they heard sounds of a low-flying aircraft. Users of this road say that strange markers were on the ground a few hours before this plane was heard flying low.

Police were reportedly on high alert, with several teams on patrol trying to locate where this plane had touched down on Belizean soil. It would take the authorities about 2 hours more to discover the illegal landing site, which meant that the clandestine operators of the aircraft had ample time to land, offload their cargo, attempt to burn the jet, and then escape the area.

Readers may be wondering how so many planes have been illegally landed in Belizean territory without the authorities being able to catch the operators in the act. The Civil Aviation Department has a brand new facility with state of the art equipment to manage Belize’s aerospace, worth over 10 million dollars. The radar system is comparable to those found in the most developed nations of the world, but these types of radar systems depend on the honesty of the aircraft operators. They have to have a piece of equipment onboard the planes that it is called a transponder. Without that, or if it is onboard, but not turned on, the air traffic controllers will not be able to detect a flight that’s trying to land illegally in Belize.

So, with so many planes being discovered in the past few months, it does cause one to wonder how many more have been successfully landed, offloaded, and removed from Belize without detection by the authorities.