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Thursday, 26 April 2018 00:00

Oscar Rosado Sr., the 70 year-old businessman and owner of Rosado’s Construction Supplies, was shot and killed inside his business establishment by robbers who pretended to be customers. They caught him and his family off-guard. This final robbery attempt at his business place was the third since 1999.

It happened at around 1:30p.m. at the Rosado Construction Supplies compound, located at the corner of Partridge Street and the George Price Highway. Rosado’s wife, Elena Rosado, told the press that minutes before his fatal shooting, 3 men entered their business place and ordered 2 pounds of nails. They were served, and the men exited, but according to Elena Rosado, they did not give off the vibe that they were legitimate customers. She began to suspect that they were robbers, using the business transaction to do some last-minute surveillance of the store.

The men reportedly returned shortly after that, and informed Rosado, his wife, and their employee that the nails weren’t the size that he wanted. So, they were changed, but the man who paid placed his hands in his pocket, and that’s when Elena Rosado suspected that what he was carrying was a gun. She said that she tried to move outside to warn her husband about the robbery attempt being made, but Oscar Sr. was focusing on a delivery that was being made at the same time. That’s when the armed man grabbed her, pulled out a handgun, and pointed it at her and her husband.

Oscar Rosado Sr. did what any good man might in this situation. He tried to defend his wife, and there was an exchange of words where he demanded that the gunman release her. The thief ordered him to shut up and hand over his licensed weapon. Rosado then grabbed the robber and shoved him; the gunman fell on top of some crates of Coca Cola bottles, that’s when he fired at Rosado, hitting him in the forehead.

Rosado collapsed, and in the confusion of the shooting, his son, Oscar Jr., exited the office area only to find his parents under attack. Before he could react, the gunman pointed the weapon at him, and opened fire while fleeing. Oscar Jr. had to dive behind the counter to avoid being injured by any of the gunshots from the shooter’s barrage. Elena Rosado said that the gunman fired about 10 or more shots at her son.

Before the robbers could escape the area, they ended up in a gunfight with police officers who were in the area. They escaped on foot by running through the Lord’s Ridge Cemetery.

This is the third attempt on Oscar Rosado as a business man in almost 19 years. Back in 1999, he was shot by a robber who targeted his business place, and in 2006, he had to chase off robbers by pulling his own licensed weapon and firing shots at them.

Back in 2006, Rosado granted comments to the press after the attack, and he declared to all would-be robbers that he and his family are no easy targets.

After that second robbery attempt, Rosado told the press, “I am not an easy target. That is a message for them: I am waiting for them. I am not inviting them but I’ll be waiting for them whenever they come.”

Elena Rosado told the press that she will continue to operate the family business with the same fortitude as her husband.

She said, “I am not afraid. I will not give up. God is with me every day. My husband was a good man.”