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Thursday, 26 April 2018 00:00

Your father had to have been convicted and did time in prison for being involved in landing of DRUG PLANES.

• Your family must own huge tracks of undisturbed lands in areas, where DRUG PLANES are known to have landed and continue to land.

• Your family must own FUEL STATIONS, where huge volumes of fuel including the type used in planes, are handled.

• Your family has to be involved in the TELECOMMUNICATIONS business.

• Your family must have a huge and loyal work force.

• Your family must have heavy-duty equipment to prepare clandestine runways for landing planes

• Your family must own plenty trucks, pickup trucks, drums, fuel pumps and lights, for the landing and discharging cargo, transporting and refueling of drug planes.

• Your family must handle large sums of monies, from its various legal businesses. Monies from such businesses must then be used as ways to launder the proceeds from the DRUG PLANE LANDING.

• Have a squeaky innocent sounding voice, to conceal one’s real intentions.

Method: mix posturing, lie to deflect complicity by blaming others, go to mass every Sunday, live in Orange Walk, be able to give instructions to workers at a moment’s notice and be a PUP Politician.

For best results only allow planes to land under the cover of dark.