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Thursday, 26 April 2018 00:00

Ever since the Prime Minister made the startling revelations of Johnny and his family’s ownership of huge tracks of land, located all around the country, Johnny appears to have been staying away from the media. However last week Thursday the media was able to track him down and ask him about those land transactions. Low and behold Johnny tried to hoodwink the press by saying that the lands in places such as Progresso were properties, that his family owned for a long time and in any instance his family bought those lands from private land owners.

Johnny may have hoodwinked those members of the press who were there, but he certainly did not faze us. Imagine that he and his brother only paid government $250 for 5.8 acres of land along the Progresso Lagoon. That works out to just around $40 per acre. If they were to divide that 5.8 acres, which is the equivalent of 252,448 square feet of land or around 50 lots measuring 80 ft by 60ft., and if those lots were then sold for $10,000 per lot Johnny and his brother Jaime would realize a cool half million for that 5.8 acres alone. They would be laughing all the way to the bank. Our question to Johnny is which ORDINARY BELIZEAN gets the chance to pay $250 for any 5.8 acres of land along the Progresso Lagoon?