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Thursday, 26 April 2018 00:00

Just over a month after Gilory Usher helped in securing a victory for the PUP in Belize City and in particular to have Candice Pitts elected as a city councilor, she is now showing no regard for Usher’s efforts. She has boldly declared that she will contest Gilroy Usher for the position in Port and has thrown Usher’s support for her aside and is now toe to toe against him. This of course shows the lack of loyalty that the PUP have for each other and it stems from the top all the way to the grassroots.

The disloyalty now being demonstrated against Usher is actually being cultivated by Cordel Hyde. Multiple quarters within the PUP suggest that it is actually Hyde that is the moving hand behind Pitts’ entry into the national political spectrum. She apparently is being set up to challenge Usher because Hyde is positioning himself to be the next leader of the PUP. As we mentioned earlier the disloyalty in the PUP permeates the entire party structure and with Hyde’s moves in Port it flies in the face of Johnny Briceno who has openly endorsed Usher.

But Usher is not taking it sitting down his camp has set up an active crying campaign and it is present on social media and any other media that gives him the opportunity to cry. Most recently he was heard on Love FM as he complained bitterly that he had given a man a drill and that same man is now actively campaigning against him. Of course giving a man a drill is not much to talk about but also there must be some level of gratitude. But not in the PUP this fellow actually posed with Usher and posed with Pitts.

This is the kind of disloyalty that is evident in the PUP, we repeat, its from the top all the way to the grassroots.