Did PUP vandalize Caribbean Shores basketball rims? Print E-mail
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Thursday, 26 April 2018 00:00

Readers may recall when back in February, we reported on a confrontation, that took place at the Buttonwood Bay Park while refurbishment works were being done to the basketball court. During that confrontation, a POLITICALLY CONNECTED individual made threats to remove the new rims and backboards that were being installed at the time. Now some two months later someone has actually done damage to the installations at the Basketball Court. Already the rims have been repaired or replaced three times since the refurbishment occurred in February. Once again someone has vandalized the rims and backboards. Many people use Buttonwood Bay Basketball Court as a place to come together with positivity and play basketball.

If the vandalism is political, like some people are speculating, then we have lost all respect for the people who were claiming that they cared for the users of the court. If this is simply vandalism and as,a,result of Idleness, we are failing as a society. When public property is vandalized, the cost to repair the damage is incurred by the public purse. Residents of the area who we spoke to were enquiring whether we should now spend more money to put surveillance cameras in the park. We are now appealing on behalf of the users of the basketball court, for the vandals to stop vandalizing the court. Let us stop destroying what we have and start to protect those things from vandalism.