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Thursday, 26 April 2018 00:00

It is open hostilities within the People’s United Party as defeated PUP Punta Gorda Mayoral candidate Carlos Galvez is going against party dictates and is openly criticizing his party for being undemocratic. The latest bout of grievances are as a result of a decision made by the PUP leader Johnny Briceno in not allowing a convention to take place to select a Standard Bearer for the Toledo East constituency.

Galvez who was hoping for a convention was unceremoniously shut down this weekend as the PUP held an endorsement in which the ancient representative, Mike Espat, was installed. When questioned about the decision, Briceno bristled at it stating that he did not know that there were others who were interested and has in fact commissioned some team to look into the matter. That really is code for Galvez to lose all hope in running for the PUP as the matter has been settled in their view.

But Galvez is not giving up he is complaining to anyone who will listen that the PUP has done him wrong. But no matter what he says or does it is now a done deal and the ancient Espat remains in place.