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Thursday, 26 April 2018 00:00

The diplomatic relations between Belize and the Republic of China (Taiwan) has continued to grow over the years and has encompassed several beneficial initiatives between both countries. Some of these initiatives include the signing of bilateral agreements, scholarship opportunities, exchange programs, and several other projects impacting the health and educational sectors. One of the latest of these projects is the business forum hosted by the Belize Taiwan Chamber of Commerce.

On the weekend of Saturday, April 21, that forum was held to attract business persons to invest in Belize. Present at the forum were H.E. Charles Liu, Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, Fred Shyu, President, Belize Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, and Minister of state with the responsibility for Investments, Trade, and Commerce, Hon. Tracy Taegar Panton. The Belize Tourism Board, BELTRAIDE, and senior accountant Cedric Flowers also made presentations to the guests.

Shyu highlighted the importance of the forum: creating a singular platform on which stakeholders of our business communities and investors can interact. During those interactions, key players shared the importance and experiences of doing business in Belize.

Ambassador Liu spoke of the benefits of conducting business in Belize, including its geological position, demographic and cultural makeup, as well as its vast tourism industry.“Belize presents many market opportunities. For example, first, Belize’s location offers some advantages linking with Central America, the SICA and CARICOM countries and the easy air transportation to the member states. Second, a large percentage of the Belizean population speaks English, Spanish or a combination of both. The third is agriculture and tourism, especially the small and medium, business present a great potential for future investors. This may be the reasons why so many of you, so many of us the members of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce chose to stay and invest in Belize.”

Hon. Tracey Panton conveyed the willingness of the government to strengthen economic ties through the promotion of investment and facilitation of trade. “Over the past three years, the Ministry along with BELTRAIDE have provided an enabling environment for a number of small, medium, and large scale investments in our key priority sectors to bear fruit, ripe fruit if I may add- tourism, agriculture, agro processing, aquaculture, and IT services. These investments have all benefited from either the fiscal incentive regime or the export processing zone regime made available by the Government of Belize to help businesses to do more effectively in a highly competitive environment.”