Hon. John Briceño Said:” THERE IS NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE.” Print E-mail
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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 26 April 2018 00:00

On Thursday April 19, 2018 I could not believe my eyes and ears! There was the PUP Leader, explaining in “basic simple terms” to all Belizeans, the exact situation concerning Belize, Guatemala and the International Court of Justice. No discussion that I have heard previously or since on Krem, Vibes, Channel 5 or Plus TV is as important as the words of Johnny! His explanations were outstanding and warrant careful read and study by each and every Belizean, regardless of party affiliation. It is fitting that I present to you, his exact words…

Hon. John Briceño: “We all recognize that most of… the negotiating… has been led by the PUP. Guatemala lately has not been a good neighbor. They are trying to use strong arm tactics to see if they can try to strengthen their claim which I think is not going to work… My personal view is that sooner or later we will have to get to the ICJ… because there is no other alternative. I explain it in basic simple terms, if you have your piece of land and your neighbor is trying to build a wall or a fence on your land, what do you do? You go to him and you say you’re trespassing. He does not want to move, you show him your land paper and he still doesn’t want to move, you either shoot him or you could go to court, so you will go to court. With Belize, the Guatemalans are trying to go into our land, we’re telling them they are in our land, we have shown them our documents - our land paper which is the treaty of 1859. We can’t shoot them, we can’t invade Guatemala they are much bigger than us; so there’s not many options left for the Belizean people.” True words from Hon. John Briceño – Leader of the people’s United Party!!!

Go to the book titled:“ a history of Belize in 13 chapters by Assad Shoman” 2nd edition. Turn to Map 2 (Map showing Guatemalan demands during 1975-1981 negotiations). The next page Map 3, shows the main proposals! Remember that “most of… the negotiating …has been led by the PUP” The Belizeans who stood AGAINST negotiating away any part of our territory were 100% correct. The PUP was nonetheless insistent, as explained by Godfrey P. Smith, on pages 282-3:”…Price’s government introduced the Maritime Areas Bill…a cession of territorial seas and a betrayal of the people of…Belize. According to Price…this …would guarantee Guatemala’s access to the high seas…” The “betrayal” is prove by the following:  Cayman Trench, also called Bartlett Deep, or Bartlett Trough, a submarine trench on the floor of the western Caribbean Sea between Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. It extends from the Windward Passage at the southeastern tip of Cuba toward Guatemala. Well, while Belize has very shallow coastal waters, Guatemala has DIRECT access to the deep; George Cadle Guatemala Price lied “To win support for the Maritime Areas Bill.” We objected to the MAB the second we heard of it…

Discussions about going to the ICJ are necessary, but I must warn about the willful, vile propaganda coming out of the Zinc Fence. Their obsession for Power (read that as ‘control of the Treasury,’ remember Baby Voucher Cordel) compels them to say and do things that are just plain wrong. Let me be very clear: Mose (our own Paul Joseph Goebbels) is 100% wrong – his followers must wake up to the danger... They objected to the correct technical term “artificial border” used appropriately at OAS headquarters. Johnny’s “basic simple terms” has not helped them! Great Britain protected its possession (British Honduras/Belize) with military might and treaties. In 1937 they challenged the Guats to prove legal basis to their claim – put up or shut up! Only ICJ has the ability to remove all claims permanently!


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