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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 26 April 2018 00:00

I was once in a meeting along with the late Michael Young during a period when I was a workers’ representative on a board. During a  pre-meeting discussion, a certain well-known gentleman was going on and on about the dire economic challenges facing our nation,  trying his best to  convince all members  present that these challenges were rooted in our trade imbalance between imports and exports. I was impressed with the gentleman’s knowledge regarding the possible range of local products Belize could export and which foreign markets were easily accessible for these products. His argument was that if we cancelled out our trade deficit Belize would be on easy street.

Mr. Young sat quietly through the entire dramatization with a bored  expression on his face, waiting patiently  for the gentleman to complete his soliloquy then  he uttered a matter-of- fact  comment that  “ what is wrong with our economy is the deep levels of corruption, which is stifling growth and amplifying  our national debt”. It’s not often you get a complimentary opinion from a prominent attorney so I memorialized that occasion, it was a BEH meeting in April of 2006.

If you promise you won’t tire of hearing it, I will promise you I won’t tire of writing it “the People’s United Party Administration which served between 1998 and 2008 was the most corrupt government our country has ever seen. There was once a   flyer circulating in Orange Walk listing 25 corrupt issues which the said PUP Government had schemed during those ten crazy years of feeding at the trough of decadence. As time passes, we are still learning of the depth of debauchery those people sank this country into.

Apart from the $500 million that went missing from the “Superbond” and its accompanying “securitization” program, the pilfering of our natural resources was directly in par with the financial shadiness.  We have inherited a situation of severe land deprivation from which we can never recover unless we get a Fidel Castro personality to govern us for one single term.

All the land granted to Belizeans by the VOA Organization was literally given to the fat PUP representative who broke the toilet seat at the new sporting complex in Punta Gorda. Likewise, all the Petro-Jam properties were divided among connected hustlers like Folgarait and Marin similarly as was done with the garments of our Lord when he was on the cross.

One of the personalities on The Business Hour (BH) last week tried to justify the land grab of his political leader when he said that the Leader has had these vast tracks of land since he was a cane farmer. That’s absolute nonsense, True Said? From time immemorial that man has always been a cane purchaser, never a real cane farmer. But let’s pursue Gabb’s statement with logic rather than frenzy.

Firstly, there is not a stalk of sugar cane on any of the lands mentioned by the Prime Minister during the   last House meeting, but especially so, not on any of  the properties in the Cayes. Not even bamboo stalks you could find.  Secondly,  the total cane lands under  productive cultivation between the Corozal and Orange Walk districts hover around 60,000 acres, producing a high of 1, 300, 000 tons cane each year. If one person owned 6,000 acres of active cane fields he would be producing 130,000 tons cane/ year (or 10% of total cane available) which is an extremely large-scale operation, necessitating   hundreds of workers and millions in farm equipment to cultivate and harvest.   If I am not mistaken, only ASR has such a large scale operation and on rented lands at that. Your Leader would not need to be in politics since income from  130,000 tons of cane at $60/ton is about $7.8 million.

BH’s Gabb and Carter are doing their best to re-write the history  of 1998-2008, trying to paint a picture of a thriving economy and happy citizenry. Oh how they must long for those good times to return! Imagine the possibilities with Gabb back at the new DFC! Hello Novelo’s! Need another $30 million?

What the Lone Ranger and his sidekick, Tonto, are doing every Monday night  is proving true  the words of the old adage which advises” if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullcrap”.