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Thursday, 03 May 2018 00:00

On Monday April 30, newly elected councilor Micah Goodin lashed out at his mayor Bernard Wagner. In a Facebook post Goodin stated as follows:

Dear residents of Belize City,

I thank you enormously for electing me on March 7.

However, I will not be seeking re-election in 2021.

Additionally, I am contemplating resignation.

I have lost all confidence in Mayor Bernard Wagner.

He does not listen. He does not take advice.

I am elected and I feel powerless.

Unable to achieve the vision I have for the young people of Belize City.

We were elected on the platform of social infrastructure but the Mayor has apparently abandoned that ideology only days after tasting power.

Strong words, but the post was taken down when Goodin’s Facebook page was deactivated and he went into hiding. No one can and has been able to contact him. That is until Tuesday when Goodin contacted the administrator of NBZLive, Rhenea Nunez asking her to take down a post she had made about the entire situation. In the post Nunez said the relationship between Goodin and Wagner soured after Wagner refused to sponsor an event that Goodin was planning for the Fort George Constituency. Additionally NBZLive speculated of some sexual misconduct by Goodin against an employee of the council.

Now in a lively exchange between Goodin and Nunez, he asked her to take down the post. She asked him to deny the allegation and but he did not. Goodin went on to say that, “My party wants to punish me for speaking out yesterday.” He went on to boldly state that, “I have no apologies for anyone. I mean’t every word I wrote and I will stand by it. Additionally, I will explore every single legal avenue available to me. I will not back down from anyone or any institution. One life to live.”

Again the rambunctious Goodin seems to be taking on Wagner and the entire PUP.

For his part Wagner though his new PR person sent out a release stating that, “Contrary to any postings on social media. Mayor Bernard Wagner enjoys the confidence and support of councilors of the Belize City Council.” Of course the council is made up of 10 councilors and there was no head count as to who exactly it is that supports Wagner.