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Thursday, 03 May 2018 00:00

Another thing that came out of last Thursday’s press conference was the confirmation that Hubert Pipersburgh has been hired as the ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER at the Belize City Council. In layman’s terms he is the PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER. Pipersburgh is a Belizean who lived in the USA for about 25years. We are not sure at what point he returned to Belize to live or what were the circumstances that caused him to be back home, but what we do know is that when he lived in the USA, he was not one of those Belizeans who spoke highly of Belize or the prospect of returning to Belize. Actually, it is our opinion that he was the type of person whose return to Belize would have to have been forced on him.

Pipersburgh has been making the rounds around Belize and social media talking up a storm about the DIASPORA’S RIGHTS for the last year to two. We understand that he apparently extended the diaspora to include the Cayo District, because according to our sources, there is where he has been living for some time. The way we understand it, is that the position he was given was never advertised at any time as it should have been advertised. The way his hiring was handled, obliges us to ask the following questions.

(1) Why was the post not advertised?

(2) What special qualification and qualities does he possess to make him fit for the job?

(3) Why weren’t any of the local barbarians considered for the job?

(4) Besides being the PR Officer, what are the other responsibilities that he has.

(5) What does his remuneration package look like?

There are many other questions we have, but we will leave those questions for the UNEMPLOYED local barbarians to ask the mayor at one of his Wednesday clinics. We don’t know if his stay at the City Hall will be too long, because he is not known as someone who hangs around too long. He is something like a bird of passage. A lasting memory we have of Hubert Pipersburgh was the one of him pretending to be a UDP supporter after the UDP had won its first election in 1984. There was a running joke in the UDP circles that he tried to be a part of. He was known as THE SPY WHO LOVES YOU. We understand his title has now changed to THE SPY WHO LOVES BLUE. With all the fires taking place at City Hall, Pipersburgh may soon have to buy a fire truck to try to put out those fires. He may even have to get an entire team of firefighters to help him extinguish these fires, or his stay will be even shorter than we expect it to last.

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