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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 03 May 2018 00:00

“Goodin claims to have lost all confidence in Mayor Wagner, whom he says does not listen and heed advice.” (News 5)

Bernard Wagner - Belize City Mayor: “Out of control…The barbarians are at the gate and they are hungry.” (7 News April 6, 2018)

“…he makes out checks to himself…” (7 News April 11, 2018)

“He [Price] knew his people too well; they were indisciplined and lazy.” (Godfrey P. Smith pg. 197)

“…the illiterate masses in Belize City…”  (G.P.S. pg.61)

“…shocking…three PUP legislative assemblymen had been taken to Guatemala aboard a Guatemalan military aircraft and had held discussions with Guatemalan President Ydigoras Fuentes. The three assemblymen were Hector Silva, Santiago Perdomo and Allan Arthurs. Belize City was once again rife with wild rumors about an imminent handover to Guatemala. Price, was accused of having masterminded the visit of his assemblymen.” (G.P.S. pg. 168)

…he had received financial assistance from Guatemala…(G.P.S ix)

He was a pragmatist, not a socialist…Price never flirted with socialism, never went through a ‘socialist phase’ (G.P.S pg. 197)

…the PUP was ‘built up on false promises and on the personality of one man.’ (G.P.S. pgs. 160 – 161)

The H.M.S. Sheffield hastened back to British Honduras from South America on February 27 to protect British lives and property when the colony was threatened by so-called ‘irresponsible elements’ in Guatemala. (G.P.S pg.64)