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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 03 May 2018 00:00

I still recall a Belize Times headline following the 1997 municipal elections which read “Why Wait till ’98?” History has recorded that indeed in 1998 the PUP went ahead and won 26 of 29 seats in the House of Representatives. And so the era of pillaging began, a period of rape which lasted ten solid years, from top to bottom, big to small;  vile acts perpetuated by Town Council and Central Government officials  alike,  the real “rake and scrape of our assets”, as we Creole call it.  We lived through a PUP Government united in purpose to rob our country senseless; creating underhanded money schemes and promoting greedy land transactions which are now just seeing the light of day. My discourse today will consist of two parts; one a story of arrogance and the other on the topic of mud wrestling.

After the PUP victory of 1998, the Musa Administration took control of public amenities at all levels, including sporting facilities in district towns. During the summer of 2005 a group of employees at BSI decided to organize an inter-departmental basketball tournament at the People’s Stadium.  Simply for exercise reasons, no fundraising.

The late Floyd Sutherland and I approached the PUP caretaker of the Stadium to seek permission for this venue. Both Floyd and I were considered UDP supporters and the PUP fellow treated us terribly, at first muttering that he did not have time to waste with us to ensure that the court was ready for use and to assist with the officiating of the games.  The guy’s attitude was obnoxious to say the least. Somehow word of his response got back to his mother who advised him to mend his ways, “Son, today your Party is on top, but this won’t last forever, one day the tables will be turned and you will need a favor of the UDP, and they will remember how you are acting”. The following day we got full permission to hold the tournament, lighting, security and referees included, free of cost.

One year later the UDP won all municipalities nationwide; and I became a Councilor in the OWTC.  Hurricane Dean passed over OW during the UDP’s first term at Town Hall, and all councilors were assigned to lead teams of municipal employees to go around town clearing debris from people’s yards. Guess what, my friend’s house had a “Wayab” tree on top of it. Mr. Chendo Urbina provided a chain saw to the Council and we cleared that huge tree in one morning to prevent further damage to their property. The lady could not stop thanking us. I just smiled and wanted to thank HER for her sage advice which has guided me since 2005.

The other story touches my predicted in-fighting in the PUP in several electoral constituencies where the sharks are baring their teeth in anticipation of a PUP victory in 2020. Visions of wealth are dancing in front of their avaricious eyes.  In OW the battle for the East is in full swing. Josue Carballo is the official PUP caretaker but Bernard is already stomping in his back yard. The Party Leader has not weighed in but pundits say he will lean towards Carballo because of the race issue; you see, Palmar, Tower Hill, Santa Martha and Chan Pine Ridge consist of predominantly Hispanic voters. It is said that former area representative Dave Burgos has teamed with Bernard in an effort to defeat Carballo at convention  and send an in-your-face  message to his nemesis,   Juan Antonio. Seems like in PUP politics one has to “dance with the devil”, to borrow a phrase from Jack Nicholson in “the Dark Knight”.  Anyway, Bernard is mayor and Carballo is a councilor in the OWTC. Both work at Smart, but people jest that Carballo has the height and reach advantage in this bout.

In the other Pay Per View matches, Gilroy Usher is screaming foul at Pitts in Port Loyola, while Tia is going after Papas in Corozal Bay. I want to place a small wager that Rigo Vellos will try to oust Valde Castillo’s son in Corozal North.  Missiles also flying in PG, I hear.

As to the Belize City Council, Goodin is already stirring a witches’ brew on social media about Wagner being arrogant and recalcitrant. This is just the start; you will see how much more nasty this mud wrestling will get.  Hot, stinking mud will start flying in all directions, including at their own Party Leader, you watch!  Done say it.

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