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Thursday, 10 May 2018 00:00

Belize City police suspect but must confirm that Jason Sutherland, 29, was murdered in what looks to be an ongoing feud between two warring gangs. Sutherland was shot and killed by a man who pretended to be a non-threatening marijuana customer.

On Thursday, May 3, 2018, at around 8:35 p.m., officers from the Criminal Investigation Branch visited the KHMH where they found Sutherland suffering from multiple gunshot injuries to the body. The doctor on duty had already pronounced him dead on arrival.

Eyewitnesses tell the press that about 8:30 p.m., five minutes earlier, he was in his family yard, located at #3323 Central American Boulevard. He was in the company of other friends and relatives when a man approached him and ordered a small quantity of marijuana. Upon reflection, those on scene remember seeing this same man at the store right next door. He reportedly went there minutes before approaching Sutherland first, and while there, he allegedly purchased a cigarette, which he tucked behind his ear. He then went to Sutherland and asked for the weed.

Sutherland was reportedly in the process of serving him, and while he was distracted, this man pulled out a firearm and pointed it at Sutherland. He looked up to hand over the weed, but he suddenly found himself confronted by the armed assailant. Eyewitnesses say that he immediately tried to flee, but he was shot before he could move, and when he turned around to run away, the gunman shot him in the back. He then fell to the ground, and tried to crawl under a food stall in his yard that was nearby. Unfortunately, that gave the assailant enough time to step over him finishing him off with more gunshots.

That shooter then fled the scene, and relatives and friends immediately rushed him to the KHMH, but by that time, it was already too late.

His family was optimistic that police would be aided greatly by the surveillance camera that the business owner has at his store next door. They were counting on the fact that at least their camera at the main entrance would have captured this man’s face. Police told the press that they were informed of this camera, and when they went to check with the business owner, they found out that his surveillance set up is more for observing what’s taking place outside. Whatever they see is not recorded and saved. So, that was undoubtedly a disappointing dead-end for Sutherland’s relatives who want justice.

Police have confirmed, however, that their police surveillance camera in the area, which was recently installed, did manage to capture the attack, and they are using that footage to try to locate one man.

Sutherland has been the victim of one shooting incident in the near past. In 2015, he was shot in the foot by a gunman. Fortunately, he survived that attack, but this time, the assailant ended his life.

According to his family, he is one of 16 brothers and sisters, and March of 2011, his elder brother, 28-year-old Andrew Moses, was shot and killed while on his way home from work. This working man, with no personal ties to the streets, was executed in the street.

While the Sutherland family grieves the loss of another male lost to gun violence, they must make arrangements to look after Jason Sutherland’s 9-year-old son, who is now fatherless.