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Thursday, 10 May 2018 00:00

It happened just like we expected, Dr. Candice Pitts has gone on the offense. She hit the PUP hard for what she considered as the PUP doing her an injustice. For context, let us lay out the situation as it happened. Pitts was being encouraged to mount a challenge in Port Loyola. According to what we’ve heard from those deep throats in the PUP, it was by her special friend Cordel. She was certainly hot on the heels of Gilroy Usher, who had been the face of the PUP in Port Loyola since just after the 2008 election. Riding high on her recent victory as a part of the PUP Belize City Council slate and banking on her humble beginning as the self dubbed ‘LEE JOHNNY CAKE GYAL,’ she started a rather aggressive campaign to replace the aforementioned Usher. Some folks have told us that she was being encouraged to challenge Usher and having invested a lot of time and money, she received the bad news last Wednesday night, when she was told that she would not be allowed to challenge Usher.

After receiving that bit of news, Pitts released what we consider is only her first salvo. Readers may remember how, in an act of defiance, Pitts and Zenaida infamously crowned a PARALLEL Queen of the Bay on the morning of 10th September last year. With her having that type of behavior, The PUP knew that she would strike back at them. However, they were perhaps not prepared for the type of onslaught she mounted. According to Pitts, the PUP endorsed the infantile behaviour, that could only be defined as the behaviour of a political coward, because of the way they rejected a convention, and imposed a “LEADER” on the residents of Port. She said, that as a result, they have disenfranchised many Port Loyolians and have indicated that those residents should settle for mediocre leadership and representation.

Pitts went on to say that she joined the PUP because it was her firm belief that the PUP was the party founded on social justice and puts people first. However, she now believes that none of those principles were taken into account, when the decision was made, to deny the residents of Port a convention, a function that is an integral aspect of the democratic process. She went on to say, that while the male-dominance, elitism, and disinterest in the South side of Belize are perhaps expected from these members of the PUP, Pitts said that she was most disappointed in the United Women’s Group (UWG), the women’s arm of the PUP, because even though, on Sunday, February 4th, 2018, the UWG conducted a women’s forum in the City of Belmopan, where they pretended to care about the well-being of women in the socio-cultural and political sectors of our society. According to her, they fervently pressed for better representation of women in the political arena and adamantly demanded the 30% representation of women in political leadership. She said that still no member of the UWG has publicly supported her candidacy.

According to what we gathered from her rather long statement, she is suggesting, that the PUP pretends to want to include young people as leaders, but they only do so to use those young people to go out to garner the youth votes for the party, then the PUP then turns around and use the young leaders attendant characteristics such as their zeal, energy, newness, and passion against them. She said PUP is into the “old-man-self entitlement politics”, which continues to prevail in the party as is the case in Port Loyola. This, she said, is being done at the expense of the care and development of a country, which truly deserves a new vision. Pitts then went on to accuse the PUP of holding all sorts of bias against her. Those biases include, her being young, a woman from Port and of a particular race. In the end, they consider her good enough to be in local government, but not GOOD enough to be in the National Assembly.