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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 10 May 2018 00:00

Monchi Cervantes and Abelardo Mai from OW North and OW South respectively decided to take no chances and quickly programmed their constituency conventions for this Sunday past.  They must have reasoned that when you take a chance any number can play. Monchi would have certainly remembered the fate of one Raphael Avila, who tended to the OW North constituency for four years leading up to the 2012 elections, then at  the last minute he was defeated in convention by Jorge Briceño. An identical chess move caught Mr. Diodi Novelo in OW Central in 1989; a last minute “golpe” from the late Polo Briceño.  While Murphy’s laws states that if it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done, Raphael and Diodi felt the effects of those two last minutes to the bone.

Last week I briefly touched on the PUP conflict in OW East. This deep wound in the PUP was inflicted in 2015 and is still raw. At that convention, the Musas and Fonsecas were openly behind Dave Burgos, who was promising all the young people in the East a piece of land if he won, fully well knowing who owned all the available land in Carmelita, Tower Hill and Santa Marta.   At that convention, the Briceño faction of the PUP was solidly supportive of Josue Carballo, who eventually won the convention battle but lost the election war.  Now Burgos is behind Bernard and it is alleged that Mendez and Cardona back Carballo. Burns is the dangling modifier in this equation. We will see how this drama plays out.

On another topic, sometimes people drop by to share their opinions on various issues with me. This past week, several youths have stopped and asked what I think of the ICJ issue. Let me share what I said to them. Maybe it is because of the repetitive losses in our courts against criminals that has me cagey of an immediate “yes” response, and also for the fact that Guatemala has nothing to lose with their own “yes” vote. Yesterday, one gentleman even opined that we have been living with the claim for almost 100 years and he is willing to continue with the present status quo rather than face the risks of litigation and the possible loss of a portion of our country. In the end, however, the prevailing opinion from my friends is that we should put this issue to rest and have a defined, internationally recognized border.

If we vote “no” it will appear to the international community as if we are the aggressors who do not desire to seek a peaceful solution to the territorial claim.  We can holler all we want about our constitutional borders; if someone is claiming  your titled property, the only  solution other than a legal one is one of conflict and  confrontation where might makes right. It is with these arguments from younger heads that my inclination at this moment in time is to support a decision to go to the ICJ.  Brackett can take a hike; he is a mercenary who is compensated for rabble rousing. Instead of promoting a united front to tackle this national challenge, the head of COLA is encouraging confrontation with a subliminal hint of violence. In a nutshell, on San Pedro Street I am slowly seeing a shift in thinking towards a definitive and lasting resolution at the ICJ to end this unfounded claim to our country.  I read and respect the Amandala’s editorial of last week about white supremacy being an underlying factor in international issues, but we all have a responsibility to diffuse reason instead of fear amongst our citizenry as it pertains our Belizean sovereignty. This is our country and we are one people, indivisible from the Hondo to the Sarstoon. Let us stand together as one and win this thing.

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