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Thursday, 17 May 2018 00:00

The Christian Workers Union has been unable to get two recently fired employees of the Belize City Council reinstated. They first wrote a letter to the council and got no result and on Tuesday May 15, representatives of the union including President, Evan Mose Hyde and General Secretary, Floyd Neal were unable to get the council to budge.

In a release to the media, the Belize City council explained that the meeting took place but that they will not be rehiring the two employees who are members of the union who were recently fired. All the council did was to wish them well. Of course this does not bode well for unionism in Belize since employees join unions for this very reason, to get protection from these kinds of arbitrary dismissals.

For his part Hyde has told the media that, “We are extremely disappointed with the Council’s decision to deny the request for our members to be reinstated. The union is forced to take our grievances to the Labour Commissioner, to have his intervention on this matter.”

If this is the only recourse that the union has then it shows a complete weakness in their system. After all going to the Labor Commissioner is an option that any and all employees who think they were unfairly dismissed have at their disposal. It would have been far more effective and expeditious for the union to retain legal counsel if they were truly serious to have the employees reinstated.