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Thursday, 17 May 2018 00:00

The Belize City Council is currently in the middle of the strangest expense cutting and restructuring exercise in the history of public service. The Guardian has received reliable reports of cheques flying out of City Hall in the names of relatives and friends of the Councilors and the addition of several absentee workers on the payroll. With two former bankers sitting in the Mayor’s chair, it is mind blowing that the Council can attempt to pass off its recent acts as a cost saving restructuring exercise.

One payment in particular that has come to our attention is a $6,000 payment to a mechanic shop on Fabers Road for repairs to the Mayor’s Ford SUV. We are aware that the vehicle is insured comprehensively and is still under warranty with the Belize Estate Company Limited. The vehicle had been at the dealer for a while waiting for a part but was released a couple weeks ago. If the vehicle needed any additional repair, the Council has its own Vehicle Maintenance Unit at Mile 3 on the George Price Highway. Therefore, the question is why did the Council see the need to issue a cheque for $6,000 to a “mechanic shop” on Fabers Road. Sources close to the Council have informed us that a young councilor waited anxiously in the Finance Department for the cheque to be printed, took it hot off the press and hurried it over to signatories. The “mechanic shop”, is controlled by the father of this councilor.

The employee “restructuring” excuse that the Council used to justify its firing of career public servants is even stranger. While the Council terminated employees with impressive appraisal records and numerous employee of the year awards, it has at the same time hired numerous relatives and close friends of the councilors. Many of them do not even report to work. One such individual who has been brought to our attention is one J Barrera who is the Collating Supervisor for a Newspaper. Sources close to Mr. Barrera have informed us that he is being paid almost $200 per week for nothing. He does nothing at the council. In fact, he is still a full time Collating Supervisor at the Newspaper. This is just one of many cases in which individuals have been hired by this new administration to do nothing.

The restructuring formula seems to be: fire exemplary employees and hire absentee workers. Strange…

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