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Thursday, 17 May 2018 00:00

On Tuesday morning Joseph Nunez (aka Channel 3) did his lamentation of Clarence Thomas’ “A few troubles I’ve had.“ The only difference between Clarence and Joseph was, that Clarence’s song is about his troubles, while Joseph wrote about his on Facebook. Joseph started off by saying that he doesn’t usually put his business out in public, but he was doing so at this time because he needs a miracle.

From what we gathered the context in which the word “miracle” is being used is to describe how badly he needs help. According to Joseph Nunez he attended Family Court last week Thursday, and he was told that he owes $5,200.00 in child maintenance bills. He has been ordered to pay $2,000.00 of that amount by end of the month. Upon reaching home he found out that his water was disconnected, however he got it reconnected after a female friend, came to his aid and assisted him with the payment, his water was reconnected the same day. Joseph’s woes don’t finish there, because he could be evicted for being behind with his house rent. For him to avoid being taken to court and avoid eviction he needed to have paid $1,450.00 by yesterday’s date.

He said, he can’t continue to lean on his mother all the time. Nunez said his lady pays school fees, buy groceries and pays some utility bills. According to him and this is where his story becomes interesting, the only politicians who have assisted him now and then are, UDP politicians Philip Willoughby and Shyne Barrow. He also mentioned, that PUP politician Gilroy Usher Sr also gives him a little handout now and again. Nunez said that a few of his family members and friends, would from time to time send a small token from the USA.

However, he said he needs a job because the handouts are not cutting it, because he has bills backing up on him since 2016. He said it has been only by the grace of God, that he is still standing and holding on to his sanity. Nunez said he is between a rock and a hard place. He said that a friend sent him $150. US dollars which he was to go pick that up on Tuesday morning. Joseph Nunez ended of his essay by saying, ”Jesus please take the wheel, I won’t allow the devil to tempt me or rob my soul.”

Here at this newspaper we do not try to make light of his situation, but isn’t his FATHER a City Councilor? Is he aware of his son’s situation? Why did he not insist that his son be given the job of PR Manager at the council? What makes the present PR Manager more qualified than Joseph Nunez for, that job? Isn’t Nunez a media savvy person? We know that he is adept of using Facebook to promote whatever cause he is promoting at any given time. If they are afraid to give him a job, at least allow him the right to line up at City Hall, like the other Barbarians.

He is a man who at times has used the said Facebook platform to launch vicious and vile attacks against many people that he doesn’t see eye to eye with on any given issue. Our own editor here at the Guardian has been the target of such attacks. During the Municipal Elections he was no bystander, he was fully engaged using Facebook to attack the UDP. He is also one of those so called activist, who are almost always at odds with the government.

Then there is his news reporting side, where he takes on his Channel 3 persona, even though some information he shares amounts to sharing gossip that lacks veracity, that would come in good as this present PUP City Council’s PR Manager. He would be a perfect fit, considering some releases that have been sent out by City Hall. To Joseph Nunez, we say “brother we wish you well and hope that you are able to get over the hurdles that are in your path.”

Editors note: (since this contribution was made Nunez has posted that, “Thanks for all the financial support today, all the prayers and all the words of encouragement, I fall short of $350, I got $1100, but by the grace a God I will get the balance and finished off my first obligation, then hopefully the Job come tru then I Wil fulfill all my other obligations pending, thanks again my family and friends, love you guys mein fu real.”