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Thursday, 24 May 2018 00:00

The PUP City Council slate has been in office for over two and a half months now and has done nothing to improve the city; however, they have done a lot to improve their own lives and that of their relatives, friends and lovers.

Less than a week after being sworn into office, one councilor ordered the council to hire his brother and his sister with no adherence to the hiring procedures outlined in the Municipal Service Regulations. There was no vacancy published, applications accepted, shortlisting of candidates, interviews nor voting. This practice quickly became the standard operating procedure with the mayor and councilors hiring their close friends, siblings, girlfriends, boyfriends and common-law-spouses.

Last week we revealed that the Mayor Wagner hired a collator/messenger for the Amandala that doesn’t even report to work and makes almost $200 a week of taxpayers’ money. We also revealed that one councilor camped out in the Finance Department for a $6,000 cheque to his father’s “mechanic shop” for works on the mayors vehicle – a vehicle that is under warranty with Belize Estate and Company Limited. This week the council hired the boyfriend/common-law-husband of one of the councilors to work in the Works Department as a “mechanic”. This new mechanic, we have been reliably informed, showed up late for orientation on his first day of work. We have also been struggling to find anyone to vouch for him as a mechanic. This probably means he won’t be taking any jobs from Duck’s mechanic shop.

There is also a missing person report for one councilor who was introduced to the city as a successful small business owner. His place of business seems to be doing well with a fresh new look but don’t be deceived. The place is being upgraded by a new owner. The councilor sold his business shortly after the elections without a heads up to his employees and didn’t even have the decency to provide severance pay from the proceeds of the sale. Those three employees are searching for the small business councilor for their two weeks pay and they are heading to the Labour Department.

Finally in News from the Land of the Barbarians, Belama residents report that they see one councilor regularly joy riding through the community in a Belize City Council truck. This must be the first time in history that a council vehicle is being run by a councilor. This takes the number of vehicles assigned to the political directorate of the council to three; the co-mayors each have a vehicle assigned to them. The practice is to assign a vehicle to the Mayor only.