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Thursday, 24 May 2018 00:00

While the other guys are going around making promises that they will never keep, the Area Representative of the Orange Walk East Constituency is in his trademark fashion been delivering for the people he represents. In the past few weeks as part of ongoing work Honorable Elodio Aragon secured a number of stadium lights which have been installed in sporting facilities in Orange Walk East.

Recognizing that sports plays a vital role in the development of our children and which will eventually turn them into positive catalysts of change, much attention is being given to sports and sporting facilities.  As a result new lights were installed at the football fields in palmar and Carmelita villages. In Palmar three new light bulbs were installed, one damaged/burned out light was replaced and another one which had been was totally destroyed due to high winds.  In Carmelita several lights were replaced and the impact of this was felt immediately. The newly installed lights at the Carmelita Football Field saw their first five-a-side match the following night. The whole football field was lit up and visibility for both players and fans was striking. Both venues are now holding night games under properly lit conditions. The lights were installed with the assistance of BEL personnel who provided the technical expertise as well as the bucket trucks.

The work was not confined to lighting the fields, as after being requested by the management of the Palmar Government School to assist in the chopping of their field, the field was cleaned. With the assistance of the ministry of works, a bush-hog was secured and the cleaning of the football field was carried out. This will mean that the school children will be able to enjoy a safe venue while entertaining themselves.

Work has been ongoing in the Village of Palmar and there is an active committee and village council which has been working in tandem with hon. Aragon to achieve great things for Palmar. A new computer lab has been outfitted at the community center and free internet for students and residents has been installed as well. This fully equipped lab will be inaugurated shortly.

In Santa Marta a similar project like the one in Palmar was carried out to create a space for children to recreate. A swampy area which is situated behind the community center in Santa Marta was identified as a suitable area to create a field for children to play. As a result material was secured and the swampy area was dumped and graded and an ample field was made. This will ensure that the children in Santa Marta Village now have a place to engage in recreational activities. Much like the community center which was created with a vision four years ago and served well during the flooding in Santa Marta so is this field expected to make a positive impact in the lives of the children in this village.

It is undeniable that work is progressing apace in Orange Walk East and that its residents are well represented. Of course there is much to be done but the resources are indeed limited. Nevertheless this is not an obstacle for a man with creative vision like Hon. Elodio Aragon Jr. The development continues.