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Thursday, 24 May 2018 00:00

By Alfonso Noble

The economic driver is fuel! In small economies like ours, ever so slight upward movements in the price of this commodity has damning effects on the economy. Over the past few months Belize has been rattled by a number of price hikes which sees drivers suffering at the pumps and while from a transportation point of view every trip to the pump is met with pain, the reality on the ground is that it will not be long before the pain is also transferred to the supermarkets and everyday products.

When a farmer takes out his tomatoes and sweet peppers from the cultivation fields and drives them to the market, these days, it means that it costs more to do so. For the persons who visits the market it will mean that the price of tomatoes and sweet peppers will invariably be higher, after all, the farmer has to pass on the increase in prices which translates to an increase in the cost of production to the final user- the consumer. That is just how real it gets when we are dealing with gas prices.

But from the stand point of those who use their vehicles to move for everyday errands, say for example to go to the grocery store which is just a couple of blocks away, or to leave the office to go to get lunch, there are cost cutting measures that can be implemented to minimize the expense. We all know what to do, Drive Less! Yes that’s right, instead of cranking up your engine in the noon time rush hour with the air conditioning at full blast sucking up that fuel, we can chose to walk. After all how far is it that we need to go for lunch. Most of the times it is but a couple of blocks away.

Now I can already hear the sucking of teeth, yap because the sun is oh so hot! But it is either that or pay for it with higher gas prices.

Here’s another idea. Carpool. We all have friends in our neighborhood and most of the times we all go to the same places. Hey tell your friend, “I’ll help pay for the gas today.” Save your fuel and cut down on the expense. Again I can hear the sucking of teeth, yeah, because we want to move when we want and we want to do as we please. If that is the case, then hey, pay for the fuel.

Here is another idea, walk to the grocery store, after all most of us only live a couple of blocks from the store. We just however love to jump in our rides and take it to the store. Walk! It is healthy! Of course we will not do that. What we will do is complain about the cost of fuel. We don’t care how much it costs in the international market. And as it relates to that, I won’t even get into that.