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Thursday, 24 May 2018 00:00

Last week one of Belize’s most prominent attorneys Mr. Eamon Courtenay alleged that the Chief Elections Officer Mrs. Josephine Tamai, opened seal envelopes and counted ballot papers. According to Courtney, Mrs. Tamai admitted to it in court during her testimony under oath. This is what Courtenay said to the journalists outside of the Supreme Court. “I think the regulations are very clear once those ballots have been counted the presiding officer should seal the envelopes hand them to returning officer in seal envelopes and the law is very clear that it should not be opened until and if they are brought to court by an order of the court, and we have the chief elections officer by her own mouth saying that she opened them, and she counted them.”

However, Mrs Josephine Tamai the Chief Elections Officer asserted that she didn’t count any ballots, and she didn’t admit to doing so either. Here’s her response to the allegation: “I’m very reluctant to comment on an issue that is currently before the courts, but nonetheless I must let the public know that the information that is being circulated in the media in terms of myself Josephine Tamai as the Chief Elections Officer counting ballots after San Pedro elections is totally false. IT’S A LIE. I have never opened any envelope to count any ballots that were used in the San Pedro elections and I just want the persons to know that because like I said you keep hearing different side of the stories and I believe that I must clear my name. I have been the Chief Elections Officer for some time now and I have conducted several elections and I know what is my duty and what is my role and I also want for the public to know that the law does give the authority for the Chief Elections Officer to have custody of those ballots. So again, if persons believe that the Chief Elections Officer should not have any custody of those ballots the law gives the Chief Elections Officer the authority, to keep those in safe custody.”

The type of assertions made by Mrs. Tamai, about Courtenay, may be the same way other ordinary citizens feel about certain lawyers but they have not express those feelings publicly. Those same feelings may be the main cause why the ordinary citizens have the distrustful feeling they have for lawyers. Many people in this country have referred to LAWYERS as LIARS. In many instances they may be right, because some lawyers are indeed LIARS. It’s said that the lawyer’s biggest moral conundrum is the question whether the lawyer lies to himself, saying what’s good for the lawyer is good for the client. Self-deception is the real problem, because it makes their lies to others feel like the truth.