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Thursday, 24 May 2018 00:00

Last week Hon Elodio Aragon Jr. met with a number of leaders from Santa Marta Village and from the new community of Neuland. As a result a work group was organized consisting of residents of both communities. It was decided and by consensus agreed to bring unprecedented development to the area by pooling resources and working together. This working group will ensure that the upgrading the road that leads to Neuland and the streets within Santa Marta village is carried out.

Nueland is a fairly new community of mostly Mennonite farmers who share a similarity with the Santa Marta villagers who are also farmers. The greatest challenge and obstacle for them is the condition of the road infrastructure. Better roads means more productivity. Therefore works are to be carried out on the road that leads from Santa Marta to Neuland, which consists of dumping material to build up the existing dirt road, and building of a bridge over a waterway. In Santa Marta village the work will require dumping and grading of the streets within the village.

This is work that will be achieved by joining forces and evoking creative means by willing people, is an excellent example of what can be achieved when people get together and rally behind a competent and caring leader. This will surely improve the quality of life for those residents of the area who deserve this and more. By working together, great things can be achieved.