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Thursday, 24 May 2018 00:00

On May 15, 2018, fire investigators in Belmopan discovered the charred remains of a man in an area just outside of Belmopan. 4 houses were burnt in a yard on Jordan Ranch road, an area off the old Banana Bank road.

According to police, this particular case is one of arson and whoever set the fire set it with the intention of burning the victim. As a result, the case is also being treated as one of murder. It was while sifting through the burnt rubble that personnel from the fire department came across the remains and called the police. The scene was visited by the forensic pathologist and the remains were taken to the Western Regional Hospital where a post mortem was conducted. The cause of death was undetermined.

While the identity of the victim has not yet been ascertained, the premise was occupied by Bruce Davidson, a British national who is missing. For now, the charred remains are suspected to be those of Davidson. DNA samples have been taken while police investigations continue. Based on information received, police conducted a search in a home in Roaring Creek village where several electronic items were recovered and later identified to be those of Davidson. Three persons have since been detained pending charges of handling stolen goods. Police visited an area just outside of Belmopan on the Hummingbird Highway where a burnt Mahindra pickup truck was seen. This is believed to be that of Davidson.