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Thursday, 24 May 2018 00:00

The Belize Athletics Association held its National Senior Track and Field Championship at the Marion Jones Stadium in Belize on May 19 and 20, respectively. Flores and Anderson dominated the fastest event of the meet in their respective categories.

The winners of the events both in the track and the field are listed below:

100m female senior Tricia Flores 12.65

100m female senior Faith Morris 12.66

100m female senior Ashantie Carr 12.67

100m female senior Jada Parchue 13.1

100m female senior Kendal Morgan 13.4

100m female senior Bernadine Sebastian 13.56

100m female senior Mary Lucas 13.69

100m female senior Latrese Flores 14.18

100m male senior Mark Anderson 10.77

100m male senior Shaun Gill 10.78

100m male senior Rahim Monsanto 10.81

100m male senior Haleem Palacio 10.83

100m male senior Jorge Jimenez 11.15

100m male senior Dennis Paulino 11.5

100m male senior Demille Flores 11.62

100m male senior Culture Flores 11.78

200m female senior Faith Morris 26,00

200m female senior Ashantie Carr 25.5

200m female senior Mary Lucas 27.59

200m female senior Jada Parchue 27.81

200m female senior Latrese Flores 29.46

200m female senior Bernadine Sebastian 30.97

200m female senior Jemeiah Savery 34.09

200m female senior Jessie Mclaughin DNF

200m male senior Mark Anderson 21.73

200m male senior Rahim Monsanto 21.74

200m male senior Shaun Gill 22.19

200m male senior Haleem Palacio 23.1

200m male senior Jorge Jimenez 23.13

200m male senior Ajani Requena 24.07

200m male senior Leedan Arana 24.43

200m male senior Ahmad Arana 27.51

400m female senior Kendal Morgan 1.07.45

400m female senior Jessie McLaughlin 1.09.63

400m female senior Darlene Villafrnaco 1.14.60

400m female senior Jemeiah Savery 1.36.95

400m male senior Ajani Requena 51.66

400m male senior Jorge Jimenez 54.34

400m male senior Canaan Smith 54.39

400m male senior Linden Wade 54.91

400m male senior Haleem Palacio 55.62

400m male senior Ahmad Arana 1.04.31

400m male senior Leedan Arana 1.04.38

800m female senior Jessie McLaughlin 3.07.40

800m female senior Bernadine Sebastian 6.42.03

800m male senior Linden Wade 2.08.21

800m male senior Albert Davis 2.08.56

800m male senior Canaan Smith 2.09.75

800m male senior Jason Medina 2.36.71

800m male senior Austin Rodriguez DNF

1500m female senior Kenya Flores 7.19

1500m male senior Linden Wade 4.54.17

1500m male senior Jason Medina 4.55.60

1500m male senior Albert Davis 4.55.99

1500m male senior Amir Ramos 5.28.31

1500m male senior Giovanni Alamilla 6.53.51

5000m male senior Albert Davis 19.37.95

5000m male senior Amir Ramos 20.28.62

5000m male senior Austin Rodriguez 22.45.33

5000m male senior Michael Chaplin 22.46.98

5000m male senior Giovanni Alamilla 25.15.55

LongJump female senior Ashantie Carr 5.20m

LongJump female senior Aneesha Wllacey 4.29m

LongJump female senior Aaliyah Carr 4.16m

LongJump male senior Airey Zuniga 6.51m

LongJump male senior Martin Flowers 6.29m

LongJump male senior Lirisi Cayetano 6.28m

LongJump male senior Dennis Paulino 6.15m

LongJump male senior Haleem Palacio 5.86m

LongJump male senior Michael Chaplin 4.59m

TripleJump female senior Ashantie Carr 11.83m

TripleJump female senior Aneesha Willacey 8.49m

TripleJump male senior Lirisi Cayetano 13.86m

TripleJump male senior Martin Flowers 13.52m

TripleJump male senior Elvis Martinez 12.42m

Discus female senior Kandice Morrison 28.62m

Discus female senior Lionelle Myers 26.65m

Discus female senior Tikiyah Orosco 22.55m

Discus male senior Dominick Castillo 32.17m

Discus male senior Canaan Smith 30.30m

Javelin Female senior Ashontie Carr 25.91m

Javelin Female senior Tikiyah Orosco 17.75m

Javelin male senior Martin Flowers 43.84m

Javelin male senior Arthur Arnold 41.19m

Javelin male senior Dennis Paulino 36.14m

Javelin male senior Ahmad Arana 34.55m

Javelin male senior Haleem Palacio 31.97m

Javelin male senior Donnell Arzu 27.43m

Javelin male senior Culture Flores 16.70m

ShotPut female senior Khandice Morrison 10.15m

ShotPut female senior Chelsea Williams 9.75m

ShotPut female senior Ashontie Carr 8.80m

ShotPut female senior Tikiyah Orosco 8.46m

ShotPut female senior Kenya Sanchez 8.01m

ShotPut female senior Lionelle Myers 7.74m

ShotPut male senior Dominick Castillo 11.66m

ShotPut male senior Kojac Smith 11.46m

ShotPut male senior Waylong Gordon 11.25m

ShotPut male senior Martin Flowers 10.30m

4x100m Relay female senior Faith Morris 51.11s

Tricia Flores

Jada Parchue

Ashantie Carr

4x100m Relay female senior Mary Lucas 55.64s

Jessie Mclaughlin


Bernadine Sebastian

4x100m Relay female senior Aneesha Willacey 59.12s

Aleecah Muslar

Aaliyah Carr

Kendal Morgan

4x100m Relay male senior Mark Anderson 44.22s

Shaun Gill

Jorge Jimenez

Rahim Monsanto

4x100m Relay Male senior Brandon Flores 44.48s

Demille Flores

Haleem Palacio

Donnell Arzu

4x100m Relay Male senior Dennis Paulino 45.82s

Hance Card

Martin Flowers

Amir Ramos

4x100m Relay Male senior Shadrack Zuniga 1.49.04

Shawn Flores

Ahmad Arana

Leedan Arana

4x400m Relay female senior Ashontie Carr 4.20.54s

Ashantie Carr

Tricia Flores

Faith Morris

4x400m Relay female senior Bernadine Sebastian 5.09.97s

Mary Lucas

Jessie Mclaughlin

Darlene Villafranco

4x400m Relay male senior Martin Flowers 3.45.43

Linden Wade

Rahim Monsanto

Albert Davis

4x400m Relay male senior Demille Flores 3.59.97

Donnell Arzu

Maxwell Fransisco

Shadrack Zuniga