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Thursday, 31 May 2018 00:00

The Belize City Council may be about to face its greatest challenge of its first hundred days in office. That challenge is as a result of non-payment for one of its sanitation contracts. The particular contract is its GARBAGE COLLECTION CONTRACT with the Belize Waste Control Limited. They are 9 weeks behind on those payments. This particular challenge could be said to be of the PUP’s own making since it was a previous PUP City Council that placed the council under the (hammer) of this heavy contract. Although the present members of this particular council were not the actual council members, who signed the contract, they are the ones who are now in charge and they must take responsibility for the bill they have accrued over the last 9 weeks that’s about to soon turn 10 weeks.

We say that the conundrum that City Hall finds itself in is of their own making, because they are the ones who have not paid BWCL for the past 9 weeks going into 10 weeks. That is why they owe Waste Control about a half a million dollars in arrears. As they have done before, Waste Control is on go-slow, and they only picked up some garbage on the south side Belize City. South side is the largest area of Belize City so any such form of protest as not collecting garbage will have very far-reaching effects. That is why we believe that BWCL uses this very effective tool it has at its disposal (pardon the pun) in an effort to get the council to come up with the monies to pay.

Uncollected garbage is both unhealthy, unsightly and burdensome. It’s a real headache for residents who now have to be taking back their garbage onto their properties so that stray dogs and vagrants don’t get to it. They also have to find a way to store all that accumulating garbage. As we mentioned before it’s nothing new for city hall, where huge arrears to Waste Control has been a chronic problem for at least a decade.

We understand that Mayor Bernard Wagner is out of the country, but the council had promised that it would have paid off the almost half million dollars first thing on Tuesday morning, to exculpate itself out of the smelly situation it finds itself in because of the uncollected garbage. However, they did not pay and the problem remains. Waste Control remains on go-slow and it appears that they won’t budge until they are paid. There is no word out of City Hall on when the city will be able to pay.

There are also reports that the council is behind on meeting its payroll commitments. Workers had expected their end of month salary on Tuesday as had become customary, but we understand there has been some delay. Technically the council has until the end of month to disburse salaries, but the payments usually go out before the end of the month. Those workers will join the sanitation workers who have not been paid as they should have been paid some 3 week ago, as highlighted in an article elsewhere in this newspaper. They may not want to say this but the problems at City Hall started exactly 10 weeks ago when the Mayor suspended the City Administrator and the council 4 weeks later eventually fired the said City Administrator. If the City Administrator was there she would have been able to avert this problem in the same why that she had done for years.