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Thursday, 31 May 2018 00:00

Mark King, the Former UDP Area Representative for Lake Independence, is currently suing the so called grassroots activist Moses Sulph for slander. The Politician says that Sulph unfairly maligned his character and that of his company in a Facebook post.

Readers may know that King is the owner of several companies in Belize, including Brints Security, the entity that is at the center of this dispute. On January 18th, 2018, Sulph made a post on Facebook accusing Mark King of taking advantage of his Brints Security Employees by shorting them of the pay they should actually be getting for the long hours they’ve worked. This security company has contracts to provide private security to different business establishments, and one of its better known contracts is that one where Brints provides security for the Magistrate’s Court.

King’s attorney wrote Sulph demanding that he apologize, pay his legal fees, and pay $10,000 in damages for maligning his character, and that of his company. Sulph refused to comply, and so King’s attorney filed the slander lawsuit in the Supreme Court. It is currently before Justice Sonya Young, and so far, the case has had 4 adjournments up to this time.

On Monday, May 28th, Sulph had to appear before the judge himself because his attorney, Arthur Saldivar, was tied up in a Supreme Court criminal trial as defense counsel for an accused.

At the Monday hearing, which was a case management conference, the judge set out important dates that the litigants must meet. Sulph told the court that he intends to call 4 witnesses, who are former employees of Brints, to testify on his behalf that the contents of his Facebook post was based on fact, and not slander. King’s attorney, from the law firm of Estevan Perrera, told the court that they intend to call 3 witnesses. These are all serving employees of the company, who will attempt to convince the judge that Brints Security does not take advantage of its workers.

If the two sides meet the deadlines set, and there are no unforeseen delays, this slander lawsuit will get a 2-day hearing on September 26th and the 27th.

Speaking with the awaiting media outside of court, King said, “I believe [that] in big companies, mistakes are made. But, those can be worked out with employees, and being that I am not in charge of the little details, I believe that my name should not have been used. So, it’s not necessarily that I’m claiming that there wasn’t anything wrong, or done, or so. I wouldn’t know that for a fact, and those can be sorted out, but I think that I’ve given Moses enough time to apologize, to say look, we’re sorry, and he didn’t.”

Apart from accusing King of using this lawsuit to become publicly relevant again, Sulph commented to the press that he believes he can substantiate his Facebook post with proof, and that those Brints Security employees who were negatively affected those months ago, will step forward and testify on his behalf.

Sulph said, “Thank God, there are people who are willing to give witness statements, and there are a couple persons who are willing to come to court. Some are not willing because they say that they are afraid of losing their job.”


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