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Thursday, 31 May 2018 00:00

At a meeting of the PUP National Executive, on Tuesday of this week, another woman scolded the PUP for paying lip service to women’s participation in politics. This time it was Thea Garcia Ramirez of Corozal, who recently lost her bid to become the party’s Standard Bearer in the Corozal Bay Division. Ramirez was the first female chair of the Northern Caucus and was also the chair of Corozal Bay Executive. She has now resigned from both positions. However, before her exit, she gave a review of her experience as a woman in politics in the PUP. Garcia Ramirez told the PUP National Executive that the party needs to seriously work on making women equal in the party and that the PUP is a long way from the constitutionally mandated thirty percent threshold of women’s participation.

Ramirez had a mouthful for her party. Her condemnation of the PUP may go down as one of the most damning we will hear from any member of the PUP. Here are a few of the things she had to say to the PUP and we quote. “If we are serious about equality then the target should always be fifty percent....... I am horrified that it seems very likely we will not even meet ten percent of female representation in our national slate at the next general elections...... I was smart enough to know it but also naïve enough to believe that my opinion would matter, that my perspective would be appreciated, that my input even when unsolicited would be welcomed and my contributions to discourse recognized.”

During the last four weeks Ramirez is not the only woman of the PUP to speak about the treatment of women within the PUP. Readers may recall that only last week another PUP woman who is an aspirant in the Albert Division spoke about the treatment of women within the PUP. A few weeks earlier it was a woman, who was an aspirant in port Loyola Division who scolded the PUP leadership of working against women’s participation in politics. One only has to look at the way the men of the PUP treat the women in their personal lives and one would understand why that type of treatment is extended to the women in their public and or professional lives. The men of the PUP just don’t have any respect for women.