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Thursday, 31 May 2018 00:00

On Monday night we were sent three photographs of a recent victim of a murder that occurred in San Ignacio. The photographs appeared to have been taken either at the San Ignacio Morgue or Emergency Room. They were not the type of photos that passersby would have taken. These pictures appear to have been taken by person(s) who had enough time to lift the persons clothing to expose the gunshot wounds to the body and then turn the body over to expose the back of the head where it appears the victim had been shot. In one the photographs the lower part of person is seen standing beside the victim’s body. That person standing appears to be a police officer. We have based our assumptions based on the clothing that person was wearing.

This is not the first time that we’ve seen such images, that appears to have been put out by Police Officers. One would remember the disturbing images of Pastor Lucas’ head being circulated on social media. Then most recently we saw images of the young man Flowers from Mayflower Street. There have been other times when we saw images of other murder Victims also. Then there are the countless times we’ve seen people’s mugshots in the evening news, although those weren’t sent out by any official police source.

We were made to understand that the photos may have come from a social media chat group being operated by some police officers. If it is indeed police officers who are doing this sort of thing, then the top brass of the police department ought to look into it and put an end to this type of insensitive behavior. As Belizeans and more so as Christians we honor our departed loved ones and we are considerate of the family members who are left behind to mourn their loss. To see that type of Image of a loved one being plastered on social media is heartbreaking.