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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 31 May 2018 00:00

Godfrey P. Smith writes on pg. 202: “Salvadoran President Fidel Sánchez had apparently agreed with the Guatemalans to participate in a joint invasion of Belize on the understanding that its surplus population could occupy Belize.” Gurkhas and Harrier fighter jets protected us, not Wil!

While the Guatemalan authorities disrespect our borders, tens of thousands of illegal Guatemalans, Hondurans and Salvadorans pour into our country.  Our population is a tiny 366,954 compared to Guatemala’s 16.58 M, Honduras’ 9.11 M & El Salvador’s 6.35 M. We need the ICJ to force Guatemala to respect 1859, 1931 & our borders! That is the issue in a nutshell! STOP THE FLOOD BEFORE THEIR NUMBERS SURPASS OURS… That is the real danger, a threat to our very existence as a country! Existential threat in every way, by every measure!

“Who is there to say that a shift in population by migration or settlement will not produce conditions favorable to …Guatemala?” William J. Bianchi pg. 137

Mose, Wil and all their followers are 100% wrong! While motoring in the Sarstoon they have completely missed the boat (pun intended)! We should NOT fear the ICJ; the threat to the Jewel is the thousands of illegal migrants that are flooding our country. Everywhere you look you find tons of illegal aliens! I do not fear the ICJ because the 1859 and 1931 treaties are inviolable! Guatemala can NEVER annex the Sarstoon. The Border has a life of its own – it is SACROSANCT! The ICJ will affirm our legal right to the Jewel – ALL OF BELIZE: LAND, ISLANDS, RIVERS & SEA. The ICJ will force Guatemala to STOP & RESPECT our borders. The ICJ will destroy the claim!

Hon. John Briceño said:” Guatemala lately has not been a good neighbor. They are trying to use strong arm tactics to see if they can try to strengthen their claim which I think is not going to work…” Johnny is 100% correct.  The ICJ will affirm our legal right to the Jewel, with INVIOLABLE BORDERS. Their Sarstoon strategy will fail! They will be turned back from the Chiquibul!

Belizeans need to RESIST arguing Guatemala’s case for her.  FIGHT FOR THE JEWEL. Article 7 ends with the following words:”…the limits of the countries being now clearly defined, all further encroachments by either party on the territory of the other will be effectually checked and prevented for the future.” Please do NOT tell me about any ‘cart-road;’ Article 7 is about BOUNDARY! The 1859 Convention is a BOUNDARY TREATY…

PSW Goldson, in his time, identified the threat of ‘political association’ with Guatemala. He fought like a lion to protect British Honduras! Endless hate, insults and scorn were heaped on him, yet he did not waver! At the UN in 1967 Hero Goldson scolded Guatemala soundly: “…go to the ICJ.” Pick up a packet from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and educate yourselves!

Queen Elizabeth 1, King Francis 1, British Foreign Office, Legislative Assembly of British Honduras, PSW Goldson, CLB Rogers, PUP, UDP, OAS, Friends of Belize… none of them are  inept, reckless, cowardly or wrong on this! We need to keep maximum diplomatic pressure on Guatemala! This is definitely NOT the time to turn back – the strategy is sound; on to the ICJ.

In 1959 William J. Bianchi warned us about the migration of surplus populations.  The war that we need to fight is clear: BLOCK THE FLOOD BY VOTING TO GO TO THE ICJ. Save Belize, now!