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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 31 May 2018 00:00

Like many political observers, I am following with keen interest the battle being waged in Belize City between Thompson and Woods in the Albert division and between Pitts and Usher in Port. I have also been updating you on the confrontation between the two   PUP contestants for OW East.   What the public is not seeing, however, are the hostilities covertly raging within the hierarchy of the People’s United Party. From what I hear, Hon. Hyde seems to be consolidating his base for an eventual ascension to the top seat in the PUP.  You see, some people think that as December 2020 draws nearer, Briceño will back out again and abandon ship once the waters get dicey or iffy.  I believe that Briceño himself personally senses the challenge to his leadership and he too is stepping up and lending support to his chosen people. The final objective in all this posturing, however, seems to be open anticipation to “raid the barn” if elected. Not my words, mind you, that phrase is copyrighted by PUP Senator Paul Thompson.  Anyway, let me start my story for this week.

A longtime acquaintance of mine whom I will only refer to as F. Zul from the village of Chan Pine Ridge gave me a shout last week. As soon as he saw me he posed the question, “what is the difference between a Mayor and a Caretaker?”  Not to belabor his loaded inquiry, I responded, “One is an apple and the other an orange.”

He then went on to say that on June 10, they, (OW East voters), will send the Mayor back to town to attend to the people who voted him to office.  Then, he continued, in 2020 they will beat Aragon bad. Well, now I knew whom I was facing: a die- hard Konkas. In my young days there would have been a bawdy shouting match between Zul and me. But not now. I have passed those days of engaging in political quarrels. Who win win. It’s the masses who choose their Government, not the loud- mouthed.

Brother Zul went on to inform me, for no obvious reason, that there were absolutely no UDP’s in Chan Pine Ridge. Hard to believe, but I let it go, since I don’t live there,  and  from memory there are mostly Chans and Torres’ in that village, all die- hard blues. The same thing in Yo- Creek village: mostly Cals and Pech’s; they too are solid blues. I have a bone to pick this week with a certain wannabe politician.

Look, I could care less about what the Belize Road flip- flopper blabs to people that I was not raised in OWT.  I know who I am, and I grew up on San Antonio Road, adjacent to the first BEB power plant, now the Fire Station.  I still remember Old Mr. Demus who used to turn off/on the street lights with his cane via a switch on the lampposts each morning and evening.  The first street light began by the People’ Choice Store on Belize Road and the last one  ended  by Mr. Alpuche at the base of the hill after the Police station, where Otro Benque begins.

I have been involved in political campaigning since the 1970’s and I know how rural Orangewalkeños regard the two political parties: they think of them in shades of skin color. Price vs. Goldson.  Doesn’t sound nice but its real. I think Bernard, with all the support he has received from Carmelita will be defeated by Carballo in convention, but one never knows for sure, do we? Only time will tell.

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