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Thursday, 07 June 2018 00:00

Police Constable Braiden Robateau, an officer attached to the San Ignacio Police formation, was caught over the weekend with 10.6 kilos of marijuana. He and 3 other men were busted on the outskirts of the Orange Walk District, in what looks like an attempt to smuggle drugs through an area considered to be a contraband hotspot.

Police say that at around 12:40 p.m. on Saturday, June 2, officers from the Customs Department, the BDF, and the Police from Orange Walk were on a joint operation in the area of Santa Cruz Village. Readers may know that this location is very near to Botes, Mexico, a favorite area where Belizeans go to try and smuggle in their contraband.

This joint law enforcement team received information that there was a vehicle near to their location that was believed to be carrying illegal drugs. The officers responded and found a white Hyundai Sonata SUV traveling just outside the village. The cops moved in to intercept it, and that’s when they realized that there were 4 occupants inside the vehicle. A chase ensued, and when the vehicle’s escape was cut off, the driver stopped and fled. The other occupants of the vehicle were captured, and they were later identified as 36 year-old David Trapp, a resident of Esperanza Village; 25 year-old Harvey Trapp a resident of Santa Elena Village; and 27 year-old Windell Trapp, who’s also a resident of Esperanza.

The vehicle was searched in their presence, and that’s when the lawmen found a sports bag stuffed with 6 hefty parcels of compressed marijuana, to a total of 10.653 kilograms, or 24.4 pounds.

The man who fled on foot was also captured, and he was later identified as PC Braiden Robateau.

All 3, the vehicle, and the drugs were escorted to the Orange Walk Police station where they were all charged jointly with drug trafficking. Reports to the press are that PC Robateau’s explanation of his particularly embarrassing incident is that he picked up the 3 other Trapp men with the intention to give them a ride, and that the large quantity of drugs are not his.

On Monday, June 4, all 4 defendants were arraigned in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court where Harvey Trapp tried to plead guilty for the drugs found. The sitting magistrate did not accept his guilty plea, and the charges were not dropped against any of them.

They will have to return to the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court on August 28.

As for Constable Robateau, police say that he will have to answer to disciplinary charges as well.