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Thursday, 07 June 2018 00:00

Even by PUP standards the PUP Albert Convention appears to be really getting out of control. It has gotten so bad, that last Friday night at a meeting held to hammer out the voters list, the POLICE had to be called in to quell the situation; violence was about to ERUPT. According to our sources one PUP supporter even filed a report with the police, stating that one of the candidates threatened to have him killed. We understand that part of the tension between the two individuals, stems from the fact that the supporter who works for the opposing candidate is being accused of padding the voters list by registering almost FORTY (40) people at an address on a Street, using a particular room number at the said address. The building houses some small apartments for rent.

We know who actually lives in the particular room and none of the persons who have been registered there lately, live there. We were made to understand that persons who present their registration receipt on Convention day, would be allowed to vote as long as both camps accept their receipt of registration. That we know could be used to create mischief. Any candidate who wishes to give himself or herself an unfair advantage and end up stealing the convention could do what is being attributed to the supporter whom it is said has been padding the list . We now understand why one candidate may have gotten nervous to the point where that candidate allegedly made threats against the life of the person accused of padding the list.

On Monday when the leader of the PUP was asked about the volatile situation that was developing in the Albert Division, his answer was, “that shows the level of excitement and energy that the PUP is developing and it shows that people really want to be a part of the PUP. It shows that people believe we are going to form the next government. That’s why they are fighting tooth and nail to try to win. I wish we could tone it down a bit.”  He later went on to state, “but you will always have people that you can’t control as you wish. It’s a part of politics. IT’S A PART OF THE CONTACT SPORTS AS WE WOULD SAY. We wish it would not be as that.”

We were left with our mouths open when we heard Johnny equate a PUP Convention to a CONTACT SPORT. After hearing him say that, our question to him would be, “Sir do you endorse the occurrence of violence during and leading up to these conventions?” During the same Monday Press Conference where Johnny equated the convention to a contract sport, he asked for the OAS to be invited to observe the upcoming Re-registration. Maybe he should ask the OAS to come in early, in order to observe the PUP’s Albert Convention as well. He should perhaps also ask the Ministry of National Security to allow the convention to be held at the Queen Street Police Station and that the process be administered by the POLICE themselves.  If not this PUP Convention may go down as the only convention to employ the services of CUTMEN, A FIGHT DOCTOR, AMBULANCES , AND MAYBE EVEN SOME UNDERTAKERS AND GRAVE DIGGERS.