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Thursday, 07 June 2018 00:00

On Friday June 1st the Belize City Council sent out a strange release stating that several receipt books were stolen the day before on May 31. The stolen receipt books bear serial numbers from 82601 to 82800. According to the release, the last legitimate receipt issued bear the serial number 82685. In the release, the Council advised the public not to accept any receipts that were being deemed stolen and bore any of the serial numbers between 82686 and 82800. The council is inviting persons who already came or may come in contact with any receipt bearing any of the serial numbers from the series listed as stolen to visit the Council’s Revenue Department at City Hall or call in to that office and make a report. In the same release the Council went on to warn the public, that it would not be honoring any of the receipts bearing any of the serial numbers that were listed as STOLEN.

What is noticeably missing from the release was that there was no mention of the police being involved. Not even in the section of the release where they asked the members of the public to report any contact with the presumable stolen receipts. It makes us wonder what is really happening with those receipts. We have to ask if the crime that occurred was indeed the stealing of the receipts or if the disappearance of the receipts was just a way to covering up an even bigger crime? Then we also have to ask whether it is still the job of the police to investigate the type of allegations being made by the council? What we find to be the most suspicious part of the whole stolen receipt books narrative is its timing. It is strange that it is coming up at the same time that the City Council is having so much problems to pay its workers, suppliers and contractors. We will stay on top of this one, because with the reputations of the host of characters who have been lurking around City Hall since this new council got into office, anything is possible. Maybe Coye could now stop looking into the past council and start looking for the receipts.