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Thursday, 07 June 2018 00:00

There is a problem brewing between RUM DONE and JA. Apparently JA is being accused by Rum Done of getting an individual who apparently writes under the Facebook profile character Brian Arzu to slander Rum Done. According to Rum Done, the person behind the profile is a PUP supporter who is a Public Officer. He also spoke about a woman who for the purpose of this essay we will call RQ .The woman we have referred to as RQ is known around Belmopan as the OLD BICYCLE. RQ, according to Rum Done is a special friend of JA. Apparently she is so special that JA ended up leaving his good Christian lifestyle in order to have a chance of riding the old bicycle.

The old bicycle is apparently in great demand in Capital City, because it seems like it is the preferred means of getting around of many of the men, and we’ve heard some women in the Capital. It is said that the old bicycle gives a memorable ride to everyone who rides it. According to Rum Done, JA had RQ attack him to the point where his children felt humiliated. Rum Done said he has his limits, he does not bring family into the mix, so he  won’t have that done to his family either. In his weekly column DRUNKEN REFLECTIONS Rum Done viciously attacked both JA and RQ. He referred to JA as an A@@HOLE, SCUM, NASTY MAN and a few other things, that we don’t even care to mention in this article. He was a bit kinder to RQ, but he did however, put her on notice, that he had the goods on her. He mentioned that he would hold on to that information for now. The name Rum Done chose for the piece on JA was ‘Nasty People.’

Rum Done is so pissed off, that apparently he has tendered his resignation letter to Nada. It seems that he does not want to be at the Slimes anymore. Word out of the party is that Rum Done’s resignation and the JA issue are not related. Rum Done also had his lawyer Eman write to RQ accusing her of libel in regards to her comments made on Facebook. She is being asked to remove all posts and apologize. If she does not do so, she will face court action. Everybody it seems is lawyering up. Just like Rum Done, JA is also contemplating suing. The way they are going against one another is like they are possessed. They apparently all have the goods on each other and are willing to put it out there.