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Thursday, 07 June 2018 00:00

After reading a release from the PUP we were perplexed. We were left to wonder whether the release came from Partridge Street or Queen Street. Over the years we’ve seen the writings coming from Partridge Street, and we know the tone and the writing style of one particular scribe from behind the fence on Partridge Street. The release reminds us very much of the type of writing the aforementioned scribe pens. The only difference with this particular release is that it was penned under a PUP letterhead. The author of the release appears to be sweating fever for the people from behind the fence on Partridge Street.

What we find very strange in the letter is that its author knows some intimate details about the business relations Partridge has with its advertisers. The way the author writes, one could opine that the author has an office behind the fence. Now we don’t know how it is that the PUP or whomever penned the letter could be telling the government to instruct the highly qualified and competent management of BTL, a private company, who to do business with. Sure the government and people are indeed the majority shareholders of BTL, however there are other shareholders outside of the largest shareholder. If the government were to ever try to instruct that management, on who to do business with, then those shareholders would be in their right to decry the auctions of the government. The members of that management team at BTL are answerable to each and every shareholder not just the largest shareholder.

There is also another release about the same issue. That release is from the BPP. Their release seems to be a cut-and-paste of the PUP release. The only difference with the BPP release is that they rubbished their release right at the beginning, when they made the following statement “BPP Condemns Rumors of BTL Boycott of Kremamdala and Plus TV.” Then they go on to quote the source of their information. They mentioned the name Breaking Belize News (BBN) as the source of their information. Knowing the type of material that comes out of BBN, we really understand why even the BPP said that they were making their condemnation based on rumors.