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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 07 June 2018 00:00

“Whether motivated by ignorance, fear, perversion or mistrust, many people were simply impervious to any kind of reasoning.” Godfrey P. Smith pg. 291

“Guatemala City had a very liberating effect on George.” pg. 40

“He thought that Guatemala was a great city…” pg. 41

“Price didn’t…confront the issue of Guatemala’s claim to Belizean territory during the entire year that he was in Guatemala.” pg. 40

“George read…the Guatemalan newspaper Prensa Libre that had become a part of his daily reading regimen.” pg. 41

“…he took his nephews to …Guatemala to expose them to their surrounding and let them realize that ‘not everything is the Caribbean.” pgs. 41 & 42

“…his absolute determination and commitment to a Central American future for Belize…” pg. 151

“His vision was ‘to strive to form a brotherhood with the other Central American countries to which we are united by historic, economic and other close ties.’” pg. 151

“The countries of Latin America had historically stood with Guatemala in its claim to Belize.” pg. 209

“…the PUP…had been flirting with a foreign power which laid claim to the territory…” pg. 108

“Price had been receiving monthly cash contributions from the Guatemalans…” pg. 103

“…the party was receiving aid from Guatemala…” pg. 103

“…Guatemala has contributed to the party’s funds…” pg. 108

“…PUP leader George Price …had been negotiating in secret with the Guatemalan Minister…for the transfer of British Honduras…to…Guatemala.” pg. 135

“Price…was…willing to consider…a symbolic and token concession, by which he had in mind the adjustment of the western border from Garbutt’s Falls northward…” pg. 214

“Price’s…Maritime Areas Bill…was…a cession of territorial seas and a betrayal of the people…of Belize.” pg. 282