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Friday, 07 September 2018 00:00

On Wednesday, the Ministry of National Security announced that there will be two areas that will be placed under states of emergency. One of the areas affected include Orange Street starting at West Canal, going down into Racecourse Street, up into East Collet Canal until it meets Orange Street. The second starts at the corner of Vernon Street and Central American Boulevard until it meets South Creek, across Dolphin Street and Magazine Road until it meets Vernon Street back to the corner of the boulevard.

The statutory instrument has already taken effect. On Wednesday, the police conducted operations where as many as 100 persons were detained. Police say that these persons will not be held indefinitely and ACP Williams said, the police department will not use this instrument as a means to abuse their power. Instead, there is structure and order to be abided by. After being detained, persons who are not directly linked to a gang can only be held for a maximum of 7 days before they are informed of the reason for their detention. After that period, those persons will be released but the remaining persons, who are directly gang affiliated, will be immediately remanded and cannot apply for bail until after those 30 days.