Inspector Yearwood’s vehicle shot at. Was it MIT? Print E-mail
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Friday, 07 September 2018 00:00

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, former press officer of the Belize Police Department, came under attack on Sunday, September 2, 2018. ASP Alejandro Cowo gave the official report saying “Mr. Fitzroy Yearwood, police officer, reported that he was driving his Mazda Tribute on Yarborough Road and upon reaching an area by the bridge, he heard a loud bang and then he realized that the gypsy window of his Mazda Tribute was shattered.  Police went and checked in the area, however, no shell was found there.  The vehicle was processed and indeed it had what appeared to be a bullet hole.”

Like the report says, Insp. Yearwood claims that his vehicle was shot at near the Yarborough Bridge while two minors were inside. What has sparked even more controversy in this ordeal is that Insp. Yearwood says that the gunfire came from the MIT, Mobile Interdiction Team. “I heard a single bang, a blast. I realized that my right rear passenger glass was shot.  So a little more on the bridge I came to a halt and when I halted, the glass shattered inside.  Now, I drove over the bridge and parked by the area where they usually, the vendors are usually selling their fish and I checked on the two boys that were with me, they were seated on the backseat.  I checked that they were okay.  One was screaming, so I immediately drove off towards their home, dropped them off and I went to Euphrates Police Station to make a report.  By the time the inspector that was in charge and I arrived back on the Yarborough Bridge, the MIT pickup that was parked near the Thurton’s residence was already gone.”

The Belize Police Department maintain that Yearwood’s vehicle was not shot by the MIT but Yearwood says that if that were not the case, they should have responded to the shooting incident as they were in the area. He also upholds that while there are differences between him and the department, it would not benefit him to falsely accuse the department.