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Friday, 14 September 2018 00:00

Anthony McDonald, a 24 year-old man with reputed ties to the Southside Gang, was executed in a street slaying, just after the annual Carnival parade had concluded.

Police say that at around 9 p.m on Saturday, September 8, they were called to the corner of Baldwin Drive and Neal Penn Road, and when they responded, they found McDonald’s lifeless body on the side of the road. The officers observed that he had suffered gunshot wounds to the head, the left arm, and the lower left rib. They immediately secured the scene, and technicians were called in to gather whatever evidence they could find at or near to the location.

What the cops have been able to find out so far is that McDonald was walking on Neal Penn Road by himself. As soon as he arrived near the intersection with Baldwin Drive, a gunman came out of the shadows and shot him three times. He fell on the side the street, where he took his last breath, even though residents from the neighborhood rushed out to render aid, and the authorities were quickly called in.

Not much is known about McDonald at this time; his family members and friends have been refusing requests from the press for comment. What is known, however, is that he is originally from Crooked Tree Village, and he was predeceased by both of his parents. He lived on Guerrero Street in the Port Loyola area. Sources tell the media that he had regular companions who are known affiliates of the Southside Gangsters;  police actually suspect that he, himself, was also a member to that gang.

He was killed on a different part of the City, where people didn’t know him too well. Those in the neighborhood say that several months ago he moved in with his girlfriend, who lives on Raccoon Street Extension, which is a short distance away from where he was murdered.

It is believed that he was either leaving her home to go somewhere, or he was returning, and he didn’t make it.