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Friday, 10 May 2019 00:00

The Public Utilities Commission has issued its initial decision on an Annual Review Proceeding for Belize Electricity Limited (BEL), 2019. The decision was announced by PUC chairman, John Avery, during a press conference held on Friday May 3rd and essentially, Avery stated that the rates will remain unchanged. This follows after BEL had announced earlier this year that it would not be seeking to have any changes in the rates that it currently charge to its customers.

During the press conference, which was attended by the CEO of BEL, John Mencias and other executives of the company, Avery noted that there were some differences in calculations which both the PUC and BEL made. Those difference however did not amount to any significant variation in the cost of power for customers and as such the rates are to remain the same. According to Avery, after PUC’s calculations came up with a Mean Electricity Rate of 41.51 cents per kilowatt hour. The current rate is at 41.38 cents per kilowatt hour. The difference between the two is .4% and Avery says if that is applied it would not have any significant change in the cost to consumers. With that the decision was taken to keep the rates as they are.

Persons who are consumers of 10 percent or more of electricity who wish to make comments on the rates have until May 11 to do so. If there is no objection the initial decision will be adopted as final.