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Friday, 17 May 2019 00:00

Minister of Transport, Hon. Edmond Castro and Minister of Tourism, Hon. Manuel Heredia met on Wednesday, May 15 with representatives of the Belizean Bus Association, President Thomas Shaw and the Bus Terminal Market Square Taxi Association Chairman, Mark Humes. For weeks, these organizations have been complaining that land carriers from both Mexico and Guatemala have been given access take passengers, in particular from Guatemala all the way into Belize City at the Water Taxi. The practices has been cutting them out of the tourism dollars and now they are organizing themselves to ensure they are dealt in.

Both ministers agreed that the meeting was a cordial one and Minister. Heredia noted that they were happy that they are organizing themselves to the point that more will be accomplished. He added that the issue being presented is an urgent one that needs to be addressed through reciprocal agreements with the countries involved.

For his part, Minister Castro explained that the industry is operating on an old Statutory Instrument that does not necessarily take into account the best interest of the local players in the tourism industry. Both ministers promised that they will be looking at having meetings with counterpart ministers in Guatemala and Mexico for a solution to the problems.