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Friday, 17 May 2019 00:00

His plan was to use the referendum as the vehicle through which he would ascend to the leadership of the PUP. He set up a plan to use Johnny to once again lead the party to another loss at the poll and it came through. That plan, however, hit a snag because the result coming out of Caribbean Shores for last week’s referendum was not what was expected. If those results did not already have Kareem nervous, the news coming out of the UDP over the weekend and leading into Monday must really have him pulling his hair. The news that he will be facing an opponent in Caribbean Shores, other than Darrell Bradley must have Johnny jumping for joy, because Kareem will have his hands full and won’t be able to come after his leadership.

Sure, Darrell Bradley was the best Mayor Belize City has ever had, but he is too much of a gentleman to go against Kareem. Now that three very organized and aggressive political giants, namely Santiago ‘Santi’ Castillo, Lee Mark Chang and Leila Peyrefitte have thrown their hats in the race to become the UDP standard bearer for Caribbean Shores, things have changed. The odds are in the favor of the UDP to regain the constituency, which has always been considered a UDP stronghold. Caribbean Shores was formed in the run-up to the 1984 election and the UDP has won the constituency in five of the eight elections in the constituency. Most of those victories were by huge comfortable margins, the largest being by 1,061 votes. The PUP on the other hand had the biggest margin at only 331, that was in 1998 when the UDP was badly defeated and won only three seats in the entire country.

Looking at the résumés of the three UDP hopefuls, we understand why Kareem is worried. Each of these persons has a very good track record to rely on especially their involvement in the community. We don’t want to be accused of taking sides in what is shaping up to become a hotly contested UDP convention, so we will not speak to the individual accolades of the candidates, more than to say that any one of them who emerges victorious at the convention will put a beating on Kareem. We know that and Kareem knows that too and that is why his people are now attacking all three potential candidates on social media. This is mango season, you see, and the trees are full. Like the old saying goes “people never stone empty mango trees.”